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iklan5 main benefits of advertising to society are as follows:

1. Helpful in Generating More Employment:

Advertising is instrumental in generating more employment opportunities and creating diverse kinds of jobs. It provides jobs to artists, screen printers, block-makers, script-writers, painter, etc. Today, advertising has become a profession. Some companies do only advertising job.

2. Helpful in Improving the Standard of Living:

Through the medium of advertising people get information regarding new products. As people use these new and latest goods, their standard of living gets a boost. Advertising is helpful in providing employment and increasing income of the people. Both have a positive effect on their standard of living.

3. Helpful in Survival of Communication Media:

The main communication media are Newspapers, Magazines, T.V., Radio, etc. Major source of their income is advertising. If these media of communication do not get support of revenue from advertising, they cannot survive for long. These media of communication keep the society well informed. Their existence is of utmost important and they can survive only by advertising.

4. Helpful in Creating Healthy Competition:

When a company gets its product advertised, it seeks to improve its quality

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It Pays to Advertise

No matter how wonderful your company’s product or service is, if you don’t advertise, nobody will know about it. The goal of any advertising program should be to cost-effectively reach the largest audience possible and attract new customers. If done correctly, advertising can be a wonderful investment for your small business; if done poorly, advertising can become a huge money sink.

Despite what you see on “Mad Men,” advertising can be a tricky game. We present 10 important tips to help you plan, execute, and monitor your advertising program.

1. Go After Your Target Audience

An advertising campaign should be geared toward your niche market. It is a common mistake to create generic ads that do not speak the language or grab the attention of your potential customers.

Ask yourself what kind of customers you want to attract, and make sure your ads speak to them on a personal level.

2. Highlight Your Competitive Advantage

One of the keys to all advertising is to accentuate the pros of your company — those factors that give you your competitive edge. Too many ads are clever but fail to sell the specific benefits of the featured product or service. Unless you

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ited as “one of the hottest and most controversial trends in the industry” by the U.S. Association of National Advertisers (ANA), native advertising is often viewed by publishers and marketers today as the new saviour of digital publishing and by others as a devil in sheep’s clothing.


So what is native advertising really?

Definitions of what native advertising is and what it isn’t spread far and wide across the Web as associations, vendors, publishers, marketers, and the media attempt to wrap their heads around this shiny new revenue stream.

The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines native ads as “paid advertisements that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behaviour that the viewer simply feels that they belong.”

Sharethrough (a member of the IAB Native Advertising Task Force) calls it “a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.”

don’t understand why a promotional practice that has been around for more than a century needs a new definition. There’s really nothing new about native advertising other than its name, which was coined in 2011.

Native ads have been served

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Regardless of if you are advertising a product or just wanting a fun saying for your wall, vinyl lettering and graphics should be designed with many factors in mind. You going to want a clean look, no clutter, and even though you may like a certain color combination, some of them may force other drivers off the road so be sure to pick one that works best. Remember the following tips and you’ll be rewarded with a great graphic and matching lettering.

There is an old saying that less is more. In this case, that couldn’t be more appropriate. You want your saying to be legible and visible, but not so long that you’ve got peopled riding your bumper just to read it. The simpler it is, the better off you will be. Also remember, if you’ve had your sign custom made, you could be paying a lot for something you don’t really need.

If your customization is going to promote a product, don’t put all of the information into the sign. You want to save some of the detail so that people will call you and ask for more information. It should grab attention, and could very well be the first

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As more more people are looking for ways to make money online, the idea of making money on Facebook continues to grow. Over 500 million people have accounts at Facebook and because of this, it’s also the most heavily trafficked website online. With millions of people freely giving away information via Facebook, advertising on Facebook has turned into a veritable gold mine for advertisers, so let’s look at the three most important Facebook advertising tips to know.

The first of these Facebook advertising tips is that it’s much easier to find potential customers through it than with any other service. This is because when people register their Facebook account, they typically fill out a profile which includes all of their vital and personal information. In addition to giving basic information like birth date, name, and where you work or who your friends are, people also generously fill out their interests, hobbies, and everything of the lake. This gives you a starting point for advertising directly to these people with things which you are together they’re interested in.

The second of these Facebook advertising tips is to understand the various demographics on the site. The current fastest-growing demographic on Facebook right now is

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If you have a blog, you should be monetizing it by now. Let’s cover some important blog advertising tips right now which specifically relate to dealing with advertisers.

I’ve broken this into blog advertising tips for getting new advertisers for your blog and tips on how to deal with existing advertisers.

Getting New Blog Advertisers

Look at other bloggers in your niche with advertisers. Contact those advertisers and talk about your traffic and how your audience is similar to the other blogger’s. They’ll check out your latest great content and likely be sold on the spot if they have the budget (after they likely check out your traffic for themselves).

I recommend that you create a press/media kit which you can email to potential advertisers when you are initially contacting them about advertising on your site. This is a special email or web page which includes details about your site which in this case are targeted specifically at advertisers.

On your press kit you should include: your company logo at the top, the background and purpose of your site, your traffic reports (screen shots of Google Analytics, Alexa), your site’s primary demographics, testimonials from other advertisers who have promoted through your site, and your pricing

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Stage 1: Planning the Advertising Idea
In this stage, the creative team puts the plan for the advertising campaign together, including researching the target audience and suitable marketing approach, brainstorming ideas, and writing the advertisement’s content.

At this stage, one of the tips that can help in thinking of a creative idea is to avoid the old styles. No one is looking for ordinary ads anymore. Also, it is important to build the creative idea based on different persuasive techniques such as humor, repetition, and exigency.

Stage 2: Developing the Advertising Idea
In this stage, the creative team starts to implement the planned strategy and visualize it using text, photographs, illustrations, and videos. The media plays an essential role in this stage as the photographs and lements of the design should be chosen wisely in order to reach the desired impact with the consumer.

Stage 3: Testing and Feedback from the Advertising Idea
Testing the campaign on a small group and getting feedback can help build knowledge of how the advertising campaign will perform on the market. Getting the end-consumer feedback is an important part to considering further campaigns. Now, let us review a number of the creative advertising ideas from different agencies

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Whether you are selling a product or service online there are Internet advertising tips you should keep in mind. These tips can help guide you in establishing a robust online business.
Without a good online advertising strategy no business can succeed. Part of this will happen through trial and error, but you can develop an attitude in how you market online and deal with website visitors and customers.
Here are 10 tips that will help you to succeed to internet advertising.
1. Make benefits to your customer easily recognizable. As marketers we tend to focus on features, but customers buy based on benefits.
Make sure that your product or service focuses on the benefits to your customer. If you promote a feature tie it back to a benefit.
2. Specialize. Do not try to be everything to everybody. You need to realize that you cannot offer all the products or services in the world.
Your customers will appreciate you more if you specialize in a one product or service. They will be happier to identify your business with one product or service. This is known as niche marketing and is really the best way to advertise online today.
3. Get

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Digital advertising has become a major component of modern day marketing strategies—and if it’s not part of your business strategy, it should be. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, by implementing digital advertisements correctly, you’ll be able to successfully grow your online presence, and ultimately foster more conversions and sales. Now more than ever, digital advertisements allow your company to have more visibility throughout a much wider audience. However, if your ads aren’t well thought out, you most likely won’t get the outcome you’re hoping for. Whether it be the design, channel, or messaging elements, every aspect of the advertisement needs to be taken into consideration for it to work in your favor.
To determine the very best ways to create and implement digital ads, we’ve turned to experts across the digital advertising industry, and have consulted with our own thought-leaders from Blue Fountain Media, to create a collection of tips that will help any company get the most out of their campaigns. From the best channels, to the best converting content—we’ve got it covered. Take a look at these 10 tactics, and see if integrating them into your own marketing strategy can help your company get the digital

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Many business owners forget that social media marketing is not the same as simply advertising. Instead, it is about building a relationship with the audience. In fact, social media is basically public relations, which is vastly different from advertisement. Business owners are encouraged to use the following tips to create mutually beneficial relationships with their audience.

1. Make It Personal
One difference between advertisements and social media marketing is that ads do not allow the audience to communicate back. Viewers often get the distinct feeling that there is a corporation behind the ad, not a real person. Social media, on the other hand, focuses on allowing the audience to feel comfortable communicating because there is clearly a person behind the messages on Facebook, Twitter, or other popular social media platforms. Ensuring the voice has some personality that the audience can relate to is vital to creating a positive relationship.

2. Keep Self-Serving Posts to a Minimum
Companies that are successful at social media marketing tend to offer helpful links and advice. Merely linking to their own website pages and advertising special deals will come off a spam, which readers do not tolerate. It is considered okay to occasionally sprinkle in some self-serving

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Key Tips for Managing and Increasing Advertising Sales Revenue

Advertisers and marketers now have more choice than ever before to reach their audiences through an increasingly evolving and fragmenting media landscape and through newer options such as social media. There is also increasing emphasis on return on investment (ROI) and response as advertisers look for accountability on their media spend. Key to Advertising Revenue

In this environment attracting advertising revenue is becoming increasingly difficult – even large mainstream publishers whose business models were previously reliant on advertising dollars are diversifying into areas such as transactional, retail revenue and paid content.

This certainly presents challenges to smaller, niche and independent publishers but also many opportunities.

Here’s a range of tips and tactics to increase advertising revenue –

1 – Your Customer Service and Processes – how are you managing your advertising sales internally? Do you have strong processes and procedures in place to ensure a responsive, consistent and highly professional service is being delivered to your potential client base and advertisers?

2 – Advertise With Us Page and Sales Collateral – make it easy for potential advertisers to reach you through your site – and all other touchpoints – and create and maintain an effective, up-to-date and

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What you say and how you say it in words, sounds or pictures can be vital to your advertising success. Aim for your advertising to:

  • be noticed
  • be understood
  • stimulate action (such as an enquiry or visit to your store) achieve an outcome (such as a sale).
  • The following tips will help you to meet these goals.

General tips

  • Create a distinctive and recognisable format for your advertisements. Be consistent in using this style.
  • Feature your branding prominently.
  • Ensure that your advertisement is well organised and easy to follow.
  • Always include relevant information your potential customers may want to know. E.g. opening hours or your shop adddress.
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you – do you want them to visit your website, phone or email you, or come into your store?
  • If you include your prices, make sure they are easy to find and remember.
  • Ensure that all contact details, product information and prices are up to date and accurate.
  • Use simple and direct language with everyday words that are easy to understand.
  • Tell your customers how you can help them with their needs or wants.
  • Make your unique selling proposition clear.
  • Tailor your message, style and format to your target audience.

Newspapers, magazines, directories, direct mail and billboards

  • Use a headline with powerful wording or a
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The internet is a virtual bonanza of potential customers and clients if you know how to advertise your business. There are a lot of companies online trying to get into your pocket by offering services that will promote your business.

Fortunately, you can do most of these promotional services for cheap, or even free.

Owning a website

It may seem like common sense, but it needs to be said. Your business needs a website to be competitive online. Without a website you will be facing a constant uphill battle. It will only cost you a few dollars per year for hosting and a domain name, and with that you can generate customers and sales.

Online classifieds

Any business can get a massive amount of exposure by using online classifieds such as Craigslist. You can place free ads for your business online everyday and targeted people will stumble upon them. These ads can be anything from a one-day event like a garage sale to a service like photography.

Search engine optimisation

Free search engine traffic is tantamount to winning the lottery. If you are able to convince the search engines that your website is the most relevant site for your targeted keywords, you will experience a consistent flood

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How do you create an industrial or trade ad that gets attention, wins high readership scores, and generates a steady flow of valuable inquiries that convert easily to sales?

Here are some ideas, based on study (conducted to gather material for my book, Ads That Sell) of some advertisements that have proven successful in the marketplace:

1. Put a benefit in the headline.

The most successful ad I ever wrote (which was the number one inquiry producer in four consecutive insertions) had the headlines:

HOW TO SOLVE YOUR EMISSIONS PROBLEMS…… at half the energy cost on conventional venturi scrubbers.

The headline combines a powerful benefit (“half the energy cost”) with the promise of useful information (“how to”) addressed directly at the reader’s specific problem (“solve your emissions problems”).

2. Ask a provocative question.

My friend Bob Pallace wrote an ad that generated an immediate $1 million increase in billings for his ad agency in Silver Spring, Maryland. The headline was:


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Are you involved in a bad relationship?  Personal romance aside, many marketers are frustrated with their public relations agency, feeling that they are not receiving the requisite value and results that they expect from their agency of record.  The irony is that in many of these situations, not only is the marketer frustrated with the PR agency, the PR agency is also frustrated with the marketer.

These unsatisfactory results may not be solely the fault of incompetence on the part of your PR agency, but possibly a broken working relationship between the two organizations. Before you run out to do yet another agency search in 2005, step back for a moment and consider how you (yes, you) can work to fix this broken relationship.

Does it seem counterintuitive for you to fix the relationship for which you are likely paying a steep monthly retainer?  At first glance, yes. But bringing on a new agency can bring a huge cost — in terms of knowledge transfer, domain expertise and missed opportunity.  And it’s very possible that in six months, you’ll find yourself in the same position in with your new agency as you’re in currently.

If It Ain’t Broke, It Might Still Need Fixin’

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Advertising has become so dominated by debt, mega-mergers and supergroups that it appears to have forgotten its reason for being. It’s time to return to selling things, Tim Delaney, chairman of Leagas Delaney , believes.

When I started in advertising I quickly became addicted to the thrill of doing something that had an effect, often a spectacular one. I took the brief for Timberland in a box room and was soon visiting a four-floor office building, Adidas talked to Leagas Delaney when it was going out of business — today, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s not. Of course there are plenty of people who have had these experiences and, on occasion, still do. Advertising can really change things, and therein lies its great magic. But I can’t help but feel it’s doing so less often. Which leads me to wonder why.

Here are some thoughts which I hope will stimulate debate and encourage us collectively to address what I think is a real and troubling trend. An illuminating place to start might be the heady days of the late 90s. The dot-com, telecoms and tech boom flooded the market with bottomless budgets, overnight launches and a cavalier attitude to communication. The belief

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The advertising industry, as a whole, has the poorest quality-assurance systems and turns out the most inconsistent product (their ads and commercials) of any industry in the world. This might seem like an overly harsh assessment, but it is based on testing thousands of ads over several decades. In our experience, only about half of all commercials actually work; that is, have any positive effects on consumers’ purchasing behavior or brand choice. Moreover, a small share of ads actually appear to have negative effects on sales. How could these assertions possibly be true? Don’t advertising agencies want to produce great ads? Don’t clients want great advertising? Yes, yes, they do, but they face formidable barriers.

Unlike most of the business world, which is governed by numerous feedback loops, the advertising industry receives little objective, reliable feedback on its advertising. First, few ads and commercials are ever tested among consumers (less than one percent, according to some estimates). So, no one—not agency or client—knows if the advertising is any good. If no one knows when a commercial is good or bad, or why, how can the next commercial be any better? Second, once the advertising goes on air, sales response (a potential

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One of the most crucial elements of successfully leveraging your off-line communications to drive your customers and prospects to your company’s Web site is providing them with a compelling reason to visit. In short, don’t expect your customers or prospects to come up with a reason to visit your Web site if you can’t come up with one yourself.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Sure, it is. But browse through the ads in that magazine on your desk and you’ll see for yourself that this is something few companies — and I really mean marketers — do well. I know, I have been involved in this area for years, advising companies on how to get it right.

A couple of years ago I was advising a client on how to leverage their existing marketing efforts to drive more consumers and potential consumers to their Web site and what to do with them once online.

The client is a marketer of consumer products that are distributed at most of the major discount retailers, like Wal-Mart and Kmart. Their impressive distribution alone provided a good deal of potential to drive consumers to their Web site. I was eager to show my client how they could use

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The 30-second television spot, once the mainstay of mass marketing, is waning in influence as new technology, including the Internet, cable television and TiVo, fractures the viewing audience.

Consequently, advertisers are turning to alternative forms of promotion to reach consumers, according to Wharton faculty and advertising executives.

Direct advertising on the Internet and through the mail, in-store merchandising programs, product placement in entertainment programs, and sponsorships of sports and cultural events are just some of the ways marketers are now telling their story.

“The trend is away from mass advertising — television advertising in particular — and toward what I call more non-traditional or alternate forms of advertising, some of which are quite old-fashioned,” says Wharton marketing professor Patricia Williams.

Oprah Winfrey’s Pontiac give-away — a reference to Winfrey’s decision on Sept. 13 to bestow a free car on all 276 members of her studio audience — and an episode of The Apprentice that revolved around creating an advertisement for Pepsi Edge are just two examples, she notes.

Williams says the lines between advertising and entertainment are blurring as marketers attempt to build an emotional bond with consumers.

“If I can get you to engage with my product — in content you find compelling, humorous, interesting

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Newbies in any profession generally either have an excessively rosy or a terribly grim picture of how life in it is going to be. Advertising is no exception and is still, to the amusement of many of the insiders, perceived to be a glamorous profession.

It isn’t, the agency heads assure us, even as they zip around in their Mercedez Benz convertibles and SUVs. Says Nirvik Singh, chairman Grey South Asia: “The most common misconception is you will get to meet a model on the first day,” adding with a touch of regret, “Some of us have spent 20 years in the business and are yet to meet a single model.

It’s not a glamorous business and requires very long hours and a lot of hard work.” Parameswaran delves deeper into the bag of myth surrounding the business. A common one is that the entire business is built around ads with little clarity on the roles played by planning and servicing.

He says, “People don’t appreciate that the quality of the ad depends on the planning and the brief.”

Tall tale traces

Another myth particularly common among young creatives is that the business is all about TV scripts. The reality is 70% of the time,

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Social Media Tools

1) Social Media Publishing Tools – It’s wonderful to be able to actually enjoy your time off as a social media manager — and social publishing tools let you do that. We use HubSpot’s social media publishing tool , and it’s supremely awesome because it allows you to schedule not just text updates, but image updates, too. That means we don’t have to sacrifice engagement on Facebook over the holidays or weekends because we’re just scheduling text updates, or spend our holidays at the computer creating memes to keep engagement up.

2) Facebook Global Pages – These are a pretty new development , but this is so helpful for global marketers. Before, Facebook marketers had two choices: Have one Facebook page for an entire global audience, meaning it was pretty untargeted; or have multiple Facebook pages to accommodate a global audience, and then struggle to maintain alllll of those pages. Facebook’s global pages mean marketers get the best of both worlds — a central maintenance location with better targeting options.

3) Audience Targeting in Facebook Advertisements – There’s more to love about Facebook. Their audience targeting in their ad platform lets marketers, well, create ads targeted at a specific audience.

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Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup – without it, the company will be sure to sink. So for entrepreneurs looking to boost their productivity with simple tricks, I set out to find answers.

I recently asked some of the smartest and most experienced marketing people I know for their No. 1 marketing hack. While all provided extremely effective solutions, I was amazed at how simple some of them were.

Here is a list comprised of the top ten, categorized by marketing experts.

Social Media

1. Boost your posts. “Give your social media content a boost. Businesses are finding it more and more difficult to get their message heard. By the latest estimates, Facebook is showing only 6 percent of a business’ content to their fan base. So give your content a paid boost. If you have more than 100 likes on your page, a ‘boost’ button will appear at the bottom of each post. Use it. For less than $30, you can get your message out to thousands of unique users.”

2. Load up on data, and do it quickly. “Facebook advertising can deliver the cheapest CPM’s in online marketing with the ability to test ad efficiency in real-time. Use the power editor “duplicate”